Inspired by Call the Midwife, this handwoven warp is a tweed of gray, red, and light blue.

These orders are non-refundable as a custom size piece is being made for you because of your order.

SPECS: Handwoven.

The Warp and Weft are 100% cotton.

Approx. 27 inches wide

Hemmed Rails and Blunt Ends on both wraps and other items.


1m Scrap $120 (40in x wrap width)

Cowl $70 (approx. 36in x 14in sewn in the round)

Infinity Cowl $100 (approx. 58in x 14in sewn in the round)

Epic Cowl $120 (approx. 36in x 26in sewn in the round)

Scarf $120 (approx. 78in x 14in)

Epic Scarf $150 (approx. 98in x 14in)

Lap Blanket $360 (approx. 58in x 58in)

S/M Sling $240 (approx. 76in from rings to tail post washing)

L/XL Sling $255 (approx. 86in from rings to tail post washing)

2.5m Shawl Piece $300 (approx. 100in x 26in with blunt ends)

3.2m $385

3.6m $430

4.2m $500

4.6m $550

5.2m $625

5.6m $675

6.2m $745

Arisaid $780 (approx 126in x 58in) **Please note this Arisaidh will have a french seam down the middle as this handwoven loom only has wrap width capabilities**

ALL SLINGS INCLUDE ENGRAVED RINGS with the name of the release. These items are in loom state when you recieve them and must be washed prior to using. Washing instructions are on an attached card but are as follows: Wash cold. delicate cycle with a detergent free from optical brighteners. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

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