Inspired by the 13th Doctor and her journey of self discovery.  We used the iconic horizontal stripes in a vintage looking colorway that goes with just about any outfit.  


Woven using our timeless 2/2 twill, this release is smooth in passes with enough grip to stay in place once you decide where that is. Light in hand enough for scarf pieces, yet solid enough for wearing toddlers, our machine woven cotton fabrics are the perfect all around textile for all your wearing needs both babywearing and beyond. 




SPECS: Machine Woven100% Unmercerized Cotton

GSM Approx 295

Approx. 27 inches wide

Hemmed Rails and Tapered Ends on Wraps

Hemmed Rails and Blunt Ends on Slings

Art Patch on each item with art by Sam Dayze


Prices/ Items/ Dimensions:

1m Scrap $39 (40in x wrap width)

Cowl $45 (approx. 36in x 14in sewn in the round)

Infinity Cowl $49 (approx. 58in x 14in sewn in the round)

Epic Cowl $55 (approx. 36in x 26in sewn in the round)

Scarf $59 (approx. 78in x 14in)

Epic Scarf $69 (approx. 98in x 14in)

Baby Blanket $69 (approx. 35in x 35in)

Lap Blanket $145 (approx. 58in x 58in)

S/M Sling $140 (approx. 76in from rings to tail post washing)

L/XL Sling $155 (approx. 86in from rings to tail post washing)

2.5m Shawl Piece $125 (approx. 100in x 26in with blunt ends)

3.2m $170

3.6m $185

4.2m $200

4.6m $215

5.2m $240

5.6m $255

6.2m $270

Arisaid $299 (approx 126in x 58in)


All items will include an artwork patch on the tail or a small printed art patch on Fobs and Cowls.


ALL SLINGS INCLUDE ENGRAVED RINGS with the name of the release.


These items are in loom state when you recieve them and must be washed prior to using. Washing instructions are on an attached card but are as follows: Wash cold. delicate cycle with a detergent free from optical brighteners. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

13- Stranger To Myself

  • Any return requests must be sent to Pretty Paisley within 48 hours of delivery to you based upon tracking date.  Items cannot be returned or exchanged except in cases of demonstrable manufacturing flaws, the state of which will be at the discretion of Pretty Paisley.  We take our products and their safety quite seriously and will happily rectify any issues caused by our manufacturing process in a prompt manner. If Pretty Paisley approves the return of your item, you must ship it and provide tracking to Pretty Paisley within 48 hours of email.  


    Pretty Paisley cannot be responsible for damage to your piece caused by any means other than our manufacturing process.  This includes (but is not limited to) damage from hungry washing machines or dryers, jewelry, pets, toddler tantrums, mishandled post, tug of war practice, using it as a photo backdrop, excessive use of sharp objects while near it or alien abduction.


    No one wants you to be happy with your Pretty Paisley creation more than we do so give us the chance to make something right if you feel it was wrong.